head DJ Rhythm Lord Arnas

Driven by a love for The Jazz Age (Ages of Jazz) dance and music, as well as the whole culture that surrounds it, Lord Arnas represents exceptional quality DiscJockey services – Rhythm Lord Brothers – who are committed to ferry their listeners almost a century back, to a time where a party was no paltry matter and a swinging dancer’s feet were never allowed to stop… ever.

DJ  Jonas Petrevičius

I've been swing dancing in Lithuania for about 7-8 years now and since then I try to be a very active member of my local swing dance community. The passion for swing music came to me when I started Tap dancing which is also 7-8 years ago :). Once I've read a books about Tap dancing which was - "Tap! The Greatest Tap Dance Stars and Their Stories". One quote that changed my life was - "A good tap dancer can "tell a story" with sound, rhythm and movement, much as a jazz musician crafts a solo with a beginning, middle and an end." that so called story is what I am looking for in swing music and every day find a new one it is just so magical to me ;). 
For 4-3 years now I am a swing DJ'ing every week for two or three days in my local home town Kaunas. For me, it’s all about the mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of the tempo.
Couple of most recent Festivals I have DJ before are: Swing at Spring 2018, Harlem 2018, All Lithuanian Weekend 2017. There all lithuanian ones but as you may know they are great. ;)

DJ  Jakub Ivanovský

Jakub started to be interested in the Lindy Hop in 2012 and absolutely got hooked on swing in a very short time. Characteristic dance, music, fashion and history become an integral part of his life, so as time went he joined the Prague swing scene as a DJ and he plays the music at local parties and swing festivals. Moreover thanks to his studying of a graphic design he also occasionally help with a graphic designs of various dance events.

DJ  Bartosz Przybylski

Dancer, teacher, swing DJ, volunteer, traveler, promoter and organizer of local and international swing festivals and dance events in Kraków. His love and passion to swing music began 6 years ago, with the very first party he throw. Since that time he’s playing regularly on the scenes and events in Poland and occasionally abroad. His music preference goes around big bands of swing era, with addition of New Orleans and vintage jazz bands, inspired by swing classics. He keeps huge collection of music, with many rare songs that are just waiting to be danced to. He’s coming back to Amber Swing 5th time in a row! :)